Los Angeles. The year 2000.

Delilah Leigh is in her early 60s and works as a waitress at Denny’s where no one would ever believe she used to be a glamorous Hollywood scream queen.  With her buzz cut, khaki Dockers, and the extra pounds she’s gained from years of free sundaes, Delilah is now proudly butch, unapologetically bearing little resemblance to the assembly-line starlet she was in the “good old days.”

21-year old Bhuvan Bannerji is an aspiring filmmaker who’s newly arrived in L.A. from India.  He owns and operates a rinky-dink “Map of the Stars” tour bus, stopping every day at Delilah’s house, hoping to catch even the briefest glimpse of his boyhood crush.

This sets the stage for a screwball comedy of mistaken identities, love lost, and love found - all of which could only happen at the intersection of BOLLYWOOD AND VINE…the most romantic cross-street in Hollywood.


Creative Team

Charles Czarnecki
(Musical Arrangements)
Edward Jordon
Daniel Neiden
(Director / Composer)
June Rachelson-Ospa